Oil Field Services

Cunningham Oilfield Services, a division of Cunningham Energy, provides a variety of oilfield services and equipment within the Appalachian Basin. From drilling horizontal and vertical wells to general well service, Cunningham Oilfield Services provides expertise and equipment at competitive rates. Services and equipment available include but are not limited to:

Drilling Rigs
  • 3 Speedstar 185 Rigs
  • 1 Cooper 350 R16
Work-Over Units
  • Triple & Double Drum Units /w Power Tongs
  • For Tubing thru 2-7/8 + Tools
  • Swabbing Units to 7000’ + Tools
Power Sub with or without (Mud Pump or Air)
  • Power Swivel
  • Power Swivel w/rig
  • Mud Pump
  • Air Compressor
  • 2 Stage Booster
  • Air Foam Unit
Supervision on Location for all Equipment Circulating Head or Air Body
  • Circulating Head or Air Body
  • Air Rubber or Wiper Rubber at Current Manufacturing Retail Price
Rouster Pickup Trucks
  • 2 Men & Pickup
  • 3 Men & Pickup
  • Welding Truck & Welder
Tractors, Trailers & Tandem Trucks
  • Tractor with Trailer, Float, or Lowboy
  • Tractor with Winch
  • Tandem with Winch or Skid Mounted Vacuum Tank
Vacuum Water Trucks
  • Water Trucks
  • D-6R Caterpillar w/Operator
  • D-6 Caterpillar w/Operator
  • D-3 Caterpillar w/Operator
Excavator (10 hour min. per day) Tanks
  • 250 Bbl. Upright tanks (7day minimum)
Drilling Rig for Well Deeping
  • By Bid or Footage Rate
Additional Services
  • Cement Pump Trucks (8 hour min. per day)
  • Cement Bulk Trucks (8 hour min. per day)
  • All Equipment will be charged from Yard to Location and Return
  • Per Diem Per Man Per Day
Plugging Wells
  • Hourly or Turn-key Pricing by Individual Well in Groups of Wells
Cleaning out & Re-plugging Wells
  • Charged by the Hour at Equipment Rates
  • Actual cost will be made an addendum to contract
  • Pipeline Available
Location Building & Road Work
  • Turn-key or Hourly
For a complete list rates and services or to discuss contract drilling rates, please feel free to contact us.

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