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Cunningham energy is actively involved in oil and gas exploration throughout the Appalachian Basin. We pride ourselves on professionalism and flexibility when considering joint ventures and equity investment partners. Due to large initial expenditures in exploration, Cunningham Energy offers several different platforms which give a large spectrum of investors the option to participate in future production. These options range from individual offerings for drilling to complex full participation partnerships with major producers.

Cunningham Energy also acquires currently producing wells and leases that fit into the overall production model. Please contact us with any questions or have a proposal to present.

Current Projects

Current Drilling Projects

Cunningham Energy is currently in the process of drilling horizontal development oil wells in Big Sandy and Elk Districts of Kanawha County, West Virginia as well as the Union District of Clay County, West Virginia. Targeted formations include Weir Sandstone, Big Injun Sandstone, Berea Sand, Big Lime, and Gordon Stray. The company expects to drill and complete 200,000' of total footage in these oil/gas strata during this 2015 calendar year. Cunningham Energy continues to acquire acreage to extend these oil development plays.

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