Cunningham Energy conducts operations and oil/gas interests throughout three major North American Basins. The Appalachian Basin, which includes operations in West Virginia and Kentucky, is one of the oldest known producing areas in the world. Our company headquarters and primary operational area is located in the heart of this Basin, West Virginia. Cunningham Energy's shallow oil field interests here are growing, with over 20,000 acres of proven oil and gas production area, along with acreage for further shale and deep drilling in the near future. It continues to be our belief that the Appalachian Basin offers unrivaled potential for the core of an exploration and production company. Recently the Appalachian Basin has gone through a renewed interest from major producers in the industry in response to newly discovered Marcellus Shale production potential.

The Illinois Basin plays sister to the Appalachian Basin in many respects, including production potential and overall age. Cunningham Energy acquired shallow leases in the Basin in 2008, located in Clark County, Illinois. An exploratory well was drilled successfully, locating multiple oil pays on our acreage. The company intends to increase its acreage position and continue development of current proven plays within the coming year.

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